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    WiTV, is a hobby that was born with dedication and training in the area of telecommunications and networks. The course of learning in the various areas of information technology, computer networks, microcomponents and wireless and wired network communications has led us to invest our "free time" in this passion, maintaining a rigor of excellence and professionalism.

     Our dedication is above all and to be as we idealize we maintain the preference in products of the best quality!

     I want to thank everyone who has been following my project and has helped contribute to its growth, WiTV.

Installation and Support Networking

Copper, coaxial and fiber optic network

Digital Terrestrial Television - DTT

Coaxial network and digital and analogue system

Cable / Satellite Television

Satellite alignment, maintenance and configurations

Internet Television - IPTV

Internet television system with appropriate set-up box

Wireless Systems - WIFI

Amplification of wifi signal, new network structure, among others

Implementation of Systems Amplification Signal 3G/4G

Equipment installations amplification signal 3G or 4G.

Video Surveillance - CCTV

You can monitor everything from an internet connection.


The objective is to provide the best quality and excellence in aboutus. Based on the knowledge and professional experience present the best IT solutions and Technology that best suits your needs...
In the following photos, we found some WiTV solutions:

In a problem, finding the best solution...

In this division of the house do not have internet or is very weak, solution?

• Each case is a case, but if we are going to build it well we have to start by understanding the typology of the location, checking outlets and existing cables so that a concise installation is done.
• Check the type of device to be installed, Router, Switch or an Access Point.
• After verifying these conditions, we pass the action!

I have DTT, the picture fails a lot and some channels
have rain

• Over time the connections on the outside will begin to deteriorate, with "rust" in the connections and the cables will be clicked / broken, if this is the case all the points will be verified from the TDT antenna until the end point will be the TV socket.
• Other common cases are checking and / or replacing sockets with moisture and rust, broken coaxial cables or damaged plugs.

I have contracted service from FRANSAT / TNTSAT (or another SATELITE service provider), I have signal faults, can WiTV solve it?

• Yes, many of these cases are due to satellite realignment.
• As already mentioned, the connections abroad over time deteriorate and maintenance is required, in this case, it will be checked and it is guaranteed that everything will be in proper working condition!

I want a new service of Internet + Television + Telephone, what to choose?

• No time ?! Lose times in stores ?! On the phone ?! NO! Let's get you!
• You need the address to confirm the feasibility of each service and the best you can adapt your needs.
• New customers have great deals through WiTV!

I have internet service in box A and B another house about
1 km away, can create a network in the house B?

• Yes, we have the solution to make this bridge between 2 houses / buildings in a single internet service with guaranteed speeds and security.
• We verified the existing typology and the best positioning for the equipment of emission and reception of signal in order to guarantee all the performance of the network.

Install a private CCTV video surveillance system, solution?

• Yes it is possible to install a personalized system with recording and alerts for the smartphone, being possible to access in any place at any time
• There are several indoor and outdoor solutions including infrared for night vision.

The best products

In order to guarantee reliability, safety and durability we always prefer the best brands ...

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